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Fonferek Glen County Park

Spend the autumn alongside family and adventure through Fonferek Glen County Park, a 74- acre nature reserve located in Green Bay. The demesne features plenitude of wide-open space to explore, and families can journey along the Dolomite escarpments or creek and take in the decor of the 30- bottom cascade! It’s also one of our favorite places to hike around Green Bay. Fonferek’s Glen, 2825 Dutchman Rd, Green Bay 54311.  Maybe you'd enjoy Captain's Walk Winery.

Fonferek Glen has been a popular destination for nature suckers since it opened in 1991. The county demesne was established when the Brown County Park Department acquired the land from the Fonferek Family. This gem snappily came a small wonder in Brown County and was frequently dubbed a “ quieter Wisconsin Dells ” in Northeast Wisconsin.
There's also a geological treat in store for callers! sometimes, families can stumble across history within the jewels by chancing fuds! Over the times, Tabulate Coral has been spotted in the Dolostone layers. Tabulate Coral, an defunct form of coral consists of hexagonal cells called Corallites, which form a honeycomb shape and act as a shell for Calcite. They're from the early Ordovician period and are a type of species that were important reef makers and most common in water bedded areas.

While walking the0.5- afar trail circle that spans the Fox River, families can also check out the numerous native trees and spot small creatures scurrying about. Bring a brace of binoculars – the area’s openness and lush trees make it a high raspberry- watching spot!

Fonferek isn't only gorgeous and vast, but it provides families the occasion to stay socially distant from others but still enjoy time together. There are a variety of conditioning for families to enjoy at Fonferek; then are a many ideas.

Fonferek's Glen is a 74- acre geological gem featuring a 30- bottom cascade with overlook platform, limestone escarpments and gravestone archway. Located along Bower Creek in the city of Ledgeview, this demesne also includes a clay chase, agrarian fields, and 15 acres of former cropland which have been restored to natural champaign. The cascade can be viewed from a designated overlook.

Just south of Green Bay, near the city of Ledgeview, Fonferek's Glen marks the morning of Wisconsin's northeast cascade country. Heading northward toward Lake Superior, a large collection of cascade and falls may keep cascade suckers busy for days. This Brown County demesne is located in a pastoral area, substantially girdled by cropland. Fonferek's Glen Natural Bridge Bower Creek has managed to break through the upper layers of Silurian dolomite, fluently eroding down the soft under- layers of cherty dolomite. Then at the cascade area a short section of hedge marks the overlook, but for the utmost part you can walk over to the edge of the precipice- face. Steep drop- offs and the deep couloir may catch first time callers by surprise- please be careful.  See site

The 78 acre demesne also features a natural ground, where corrosion has opened up a skylight in the precipice wall. Bower Creek's lack of water inflow cuts down on the beauty of the cascade, but makes it easy to cross the sluice during your hunt for this natural ground. Downstream of the cascade, the precipice- side becomes negotiable. Unofficial trails are woven throughout the green, and during the spring trampers will be treated to a carpet of wildflowers. The 30 bottom cascade may be the centerpiece for the Fonferek's Glen Conservancy Area, but the couloir and gemstone ground earn a close-up look as well.


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