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NEW Zoo & Adventure Park


This Zoo In Wisconsin Has Animals That You May Have Never Seen In Person Before

You’re never far from an animal sighting in Northeast Wisconsin – spend some time in a park or out in the countryside and you’ll see whitetail deer, raccoons, geese – even the occasional coyote. But there’s one spot in Brown County where the animals are a little more exotic. The Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo & Adventure Park, known as the NEW Zoo, has some residents that are simply amazing. Read on to see why this zoo is a must-visit.  NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, 4378 Reforestation Rd, Green Bay, WI 54313.  Go here

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is located in Suamico, about 13 miles north of downtown Green Bay. The facility is adjacent to the Brown County Reforestation Camp, an area that covers about 1,500 forested acres.


Get ready to check out penguins, Napoleons, and all your favorite beasties this summer at the NEW Zoo in Green Bay! The zoo is ready to give families with a day of fun literacy openings in the sun with creatures from around the world!

With over 200 creatures and nearly 90 different species, kiddies get to connect with nature and learn about colorful territories and the variety of creatures that call them home. As they explore the zoo, they will be immersed in a world of wonder as they see creatures bat, snooze, and play. There are openings to feed the giraffes and petting zoo set up in the Children’s Barn. You can get right into the world of champaign tykes with cool viewing stations that take you inside of the beast exhibition.

Stuff to Do around the NEW Zoo

13 Green Bay Area Family Friendly Nature Trails

  • These family-friendly trails can take you from falls to raspberry watching or the bay of Lake Michigan!

Titletown District

  • Near Lambeau field, this demesne is an adventure for your whole family. There's playground outfit perfect for your little rovers and football practice features ready for your bigger family members to explore. You ’ll also find game courts with free outfit to use!

Green Bay Botanical Garden

  • The grounds are beautiful time- round at the theater and you ’ll find a Children’s Garden with a maze and lots of other fun features.

Bay Beach Amusement Park

  • Tickets for lifts at Bay Beach are just 25 cents each and parking is free! An affordable surprise side trip after the zoo is sure to be a palm.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Do you have the type of sprat that noway gets tired of seeing zoo creatures? This is a great stop with play areas and you can buy sludge to feed the ducks!

Adventure Park

  • Right coming door to the NEW Zoo has a ropes course, climbing walls, zip lines, and handicap course for big adventures!

There are 43 acres of zoo to explore in the northwest of the Brown County Reforestation Camp and together cover 1,560 acres and see more than half a million visitors each year.  Visit The Resch Center.




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