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4 Most Common Causes of Pipe and Drain Clogs

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Plumbers Green Bay 4 most common causes of pipe and drain clogs

Your home's pipes and drains can get clogged due to foreign objects and hair. However, even with proper maintenance, you can still find yourself stuck with a clogged toilet, bathroom, or kitchen sink. So, what can you do to limit or stop drains from clogging? Of course, you can always Google some DIY tutorials to unclog your drains, but there is a good chance that the problem will eventually return. If the problem persists it is always best to call a professional plumber to help take care of the problem. Let's take a look at the 4 most common causes of pipe and drain clogs.

Toilet Paper Clogs

Toilet paper is something that we use every day and a necessity for personal hygiene. But did you know that one of the biggest causes of toilet clogs is toilet paper? We don't usually think about the amount of toilet paper we're using but when you flush a large amount at one time, it can clog your toilet. So, try not to flush a lot of toilet paper at once, instead, flush a few times to make sure everything goes down smoothly.

Soap Scruff

Soap scruff is the residue when soap and hard water comes in contact. Soap scruff is the white substance that sticks to the sides of your tub and shower. Not only doesn't soap scruff stick the sides of your tub/shower it also collects in your drain, which can build to larger clogs or cause water to drain slowly. The soap scruff catches foreign substances, mostly likely hair, which continues to worsen the clog, resulting in complete blockage. If your bathtub/shower is completely clogged, a plumber can give you tips on how to unclog and keep clogging problems to a minimum.


The major reason for clogged kitchen sinks is grease and oil. Everyone is guilty at some point of draining oil down their drains after cooking a meal. Even when it's accidental, the oil will drips down the sink from oily pots and plates left in the sink. No matter how much hot water you drain your sinks with or mix with the oil, the oil will still easily solidify in your pipes, resulting in a clogged sink. The biggest problem with grease is that it also attracts food particles, which causes a major block in your drain. The most common remedy is to let the oil cool and drain it into a separate container for recycling.

Bathroom Wipes

Flushing bathroom wipes are a big NO-NO! Many people believe that flushing wipes do not effect their drains. Bathroom wipes do not dissolve easily with water. So, when you flush bathroom wipes through your toilet, you end up with a clogged toilet. You may not experience a clog at first but it'll eventually build up and you may even need to replace your entire drain system. It is better to dispose of wipes in the trash. You should also be careful in flushing "flushable" toilet products. If you should experience any clogs or sewage backups immediately call a plumber to help find the cause of the clog.

Clogs are most common among kitchen sinks and bathrooms. However, proper maintenance and care will help minimize the risks of clogs/drain problems. Read our other article about how to unclog drains if you're ever in that position. It is best to catch a plumbing problem in its early stage so don't be afraid to ask your local plumbers for some friendly advice or help. Their guidance could potentially save you from further stress, expensive pairs, and extensive maintenance. Remember, you local plumbers in Green Bay are just a call away.

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